The entire roof of the building collapsed, and was entirely rebuild with a grant from the Kansas Heritage Trust Fund.

The interior has been largely cleaned of debris.

The facade of the front steps was pressure-washed and painted.

The huge arched window above the entry, covered since at least 1940s, has been revealed.

A facebook page for the Strong City Preservation Alliance went live.

The 1900Theater blog went live.


2017 PLANS:

The huge arched window will be removed, restored, and reinstalled.

The ruined lobby will be cleaned of debris.


2018 PLANS:

The UPTOWN neon sign will be restored, reinstalled, and lighted!

Under discussion is an application to the Kansas Heritage Trust Fund to restore the ruined lobby, purchase new front doors, and restore some windows.


2019 PLANS and beyond…

The Preservation Alliance is currently discussing:

Creating a “temporary” performance arts theater inside the huge, empty shell.

Recreating the lost ceiling stamped tin ceiling with new stamped tin from the W. F. Norman Company.

Recreating the original floor level of the structure.

Recreating the stage, dressing rooms, and offices.

Recreating the original balcony of the structure.

Recreating the wall finishes.


The circa-1940 neon sign, to be fully restored and relighted in 2018.