Tonight, the 1969 classic, True Grit, will be playing at the 1900 Theater!


The 150-inch screen is new! As are the projector and sound system, purchased through the generosity of a Trusler Grant and the Emporia Community Foundation. Thank you! We even have new chairs! And two old church pews!

With a speaker in each corner, the sound is impressive! Justin Garr worked hard to put the system together. Thanks, Justin!

The huge empty interior — a ruined shell — provides a striking backdrop, and our first movie last December proved a big hit!

Tickets are $20 a person, which goes towards the restoration of the theater. And popcorn and wine and beer are free!

The doors open at 7:30. The movie begins at 8:00!


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  1. Marilyn McComber on May 20, 2018 at 8:08 am

    What a great evening once again. Thanks to all that came out and attended. For those who did not…..well you surely missed a treat!! Dennis and Robin Newell of Emporia donated $200 from their garage sale to the Alliance. Thanks for that contribution….. for it will be doubled by the Trusler Foundation if all goes well. The sound system is phenomenal so once again a job well done by a group of volunteers that do have True Grit!! Hope to see some new faces as well as the familiar ones at the next event. Thanks for keeping the blog rolling Ross.
    Cheers to all, Marilyn

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