Today, Saturday the 12th, the Strong City Preservation Alliance is hosting the first annual Black Tie Event at the 1900 Theater in Strong City! 

This is our kick-start fundraising event to bring the theater back to life!

Please join us! And wear black tie! This could be a black tie T-shirt, a cardboard black tie with jeans, black tie earrings, or whatever your imagination creates!

There will also be exciting prizes, live music, and a catered dinner by Casa Ramos.

There will be some fabulous events and items auctioned off:


STAR GAZING! The winning bidder can invite up to 20 people for an awesome night of star gazing. This event will be hosted by ESU’s Scott Capes and Marilyn McComber. Select the date for your party and we will come to you or you can come to us. Included in this package will be an introduction to the night sky, stars, planets, constellations and other galaxies. Telescopes will be set up and refreshments served. This event is available until June 30, 2020.




TEXAS INDY 600 RACE WEEKEND: Four tickets in a prime location with a view of the full track, VIP parking included! June 4-5, 2020.


A CHAMPAGNE TOUR of the 1894 Cross House in Emporia. The winning bid can invite up to seven people for an early evening tour of the house by owner Ross MacTaggart. Some rooms are restored! But most rooms are…ahhh…not! So, the tour offers a unique Before and After look of a grand old house. This event is available until June 30, 2020.


DOWNTON ABBEY-ISH at the 1894 Cross House in Emporia. The winning bid can invite up to seven people to join owner Ross MacTaggart for an elegant evening. First, champagne in the scrumptiously restored parlor! Then, dinner with china and crystal and candles in the dining room, lighted by a gorgeous chandelier. However, all this elegance contrasts with the unrestored room, its damaged plaster walls and ceiling, and exposed wiring! This event is available until June 30, 2020.


HOVER II: A photograph by Tim Forcade. Valued at $600.


FLINT HILLS HIGHWAY: A photograph by Betsy Forcade. Valued at $450.


ZEBU’S DAUGHTER: A photograph by Don Wolfe of Matfield Green, valued at $300.


THE WATCHER OF THE FOREST: A chainsaw carving by Jenny Trayer/Tanner, which is also a birdhouse!


THE NATIVE-AMERICAN BRAVE WITH BEAR HEAD DRESS: A chainsaw carving by Jenny Trayer/Tanner.


GOLF LESSONS! The winning bid gets a 90-minute season at a gold course of your choice with Jake Key!


GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL STEAKS! Fresh Creekstone Rib-eyes, KC Strips and Hamburger Patties, 2 of each, along with the ever famous GCH spicette.


ALL IN FITNESS: A $150 gift certificate!

A WEEK OF SUMMER CAMP: A traditional summer camp at Camp Wood YMCA!

SWIMMING: One family pool pass to the Cottonwood Falls swimming poll!

CHILDREN PARTY: Celebrate your child’s birthday at the 1900 theater!

ONE LOAD OF ROCK: Harshen Construction will deliver a load of rock in the Chase County area!




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